Government Legislation


The egg marketing regulations for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland covers the production of the egg all the way through the packing process to the final point of sale.


The legislation makes the following mandatory;

  • The best before date must be present on all egg boxes from retail to catering
  • All eggs must be coded to state their country of origin, the method of production and also the individual farm identification number
  •  Every box or pack must have consumer information telling them to “keep eggs refrigerated or store in a cool dry place”
  •  The egg printing explanation must be present on all packaging to allow the consumer to easily translate the code on the side of every egg
The legislation also covers the quality of all eggs sold in the UK and also makes sure they are sold according to the correct weights which are present on all packaging.


All eggs in the UK are required to be produced, packed, transported and sold under the hygiene guidelines set out by the government. These strict measures ensure that all egg packing and movement from farm to consumer meet the required EHO hygiene & food safety standards.



Since 1989 the Zoonoses Order has been in place. This requires all isolations of Salmonella from specified species of animals, birds, carcasses, products or surroundings of an animal or bird or from any feeding stuffs to be reported to DEFRA for investigation.

On top of this we have The Control of Salmonella in Poutry Order which was introduced in 2007, it is a requirement that comes under. This sets out specific sampling for Salmonella for both laying flocks and breeding flocks. This is a requirement that comes under the National Control Programme for Salmonella. This is European Legislation that implements the control of Salmonella and other specified food-borne Zoonotic agents.

Due to this legislation certain actions can be taken when specified stereotype Salmonellas are found in laying of breeding flocks. This can also allow powers to ristrict eggs from the specified flock that is tested positive. If certain invasive strains of Salmonella or enteritidis strains of Salmonella Typhimurium are then picked up a cleaning and disinfecting process will begin.

"Not a single Laid in Britain Egg has ever tested positive for salmonella"