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“There is a effective alternative to
the Lion Brand”

Laid In Britain is a food safety and hen welfare assurance scheme run by the United Kingdom Egg Producers Association (UKEP) specifically for independent egg producers and retailers who supply locally. Membership of this scheme ensures they comply with the most stringent health and safety regulations in the market, proving they are a credible source of Salmonella free eggs.

The stipulation to only use Lion Code Eggs for health and safety reasons does not carry any official government enforcement. The British Egg Industry Council operate the Lion Code. They are an information and marketing body who chiefly represent egg producing companies and packers using the Lion Code Brand, it is not an official Government Organisation. The Laid in Britain Scheme run by UKEP is equally legitimate as a Quality Assurance Scheme.

Eggs produced under the Laid In Britain scheme have a better record of freedom from Salmonella than the Lion Scheme. Not a single Laid In Britain Egg has ever tested positive for Salmonella!

Vaccinations and Competitive Exclusion

The scheme utilises vaccination against Salmonella, bio security measures and adherence to HACCP rules, approved by Environmental Health Officers, the Food Standards Agency and DEFRA scheme members, are the packing stations they use.

The Laid In Britain scheme is unique in that hens are given a s feed supplement (like a series of probiotics) that promotes optimum gut health, by driving out unhealthy pathogens with good bacteria. This has proven to be effective not only against Salmonella, but coliforms and other pathogens.

This belt & braces approach is what helps to keep Laid In Britain hens healthy and gives their eggs a flawless safety record.

Quality Assurance with total confidence.